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Staff Directory


Name Title Email
de Andrade, Robson A Assistant Principal
Watson, Sidney Assistant Principal
Laskowski, Matthew R Principal
Pinto, Carla OSS
Bennett, Kathleen M OSS
Vettorazzi, Claudia Family & Community Engagement Facilitator
Lonegan, Megan R. Technology Integration Specialist
Bridgers, Sarah 6th - Science
Cardillo, Brenda 6th - Language Arts
Finn Koehler, Kelly Ann 6th - Math
McGrath, Megan 6th - Math
Musitano, Stephen P 6th - Language Arts
O'Hagan, Anne 6th - Special Education
Porco, Sarah H 6th - Special Education
Rak, Kristyne E. 6th - Special Education
Roberto, Matthew 6th - Guidance
Ruckdeschel, Brian T 6th - Design
Stanton, James 6th - Social Studies
Aulenti, Frank 7th - Science
Belgrove, Felix A 7th - Guidance
Butchko, John 7th - Language Arts
Cleri, John 7th - Math
Cuttitta-Mazzella, Emma C. 7th - Special Education
Delbridge, Danielle L 7th - Social Studies
Flynn, Michael J 7th - Design
Fornaciari, Alexander S 7th - Special Education
Harz, Matthew J. 7th - Science
Jacobs, Jill 7th- Special Education
Pawson, Sarah K 7th - Language Arts
Racioppa, Alana A. 7th - Math
Crouch, Deirdre M 8th - Language Arts
DeSimone, Mark F 8th - Language Arts
DiNardo, Christina M 8th - Math
Hadin, Emily L 8th - Science
Jones, Alyssa C 8th - Math
Jones, Calvin T 8th - Science
Judson, Jennifer 8th - Social Studies
Koproski, Michele N 8th - Special Education
Occhipinti, Josephine 8th - Special Education
Rodriguez, Kathleen 8th - Design
Shelley, Tracey E 8th - Guidance
Smith, Kyle T. 8th - Social Studies
Vega, Kaitlyn 8th - Special Education
Wigaysire-Rickin, Daniel M 8th - Social Studies
Arendt, Susan E Art
Frangione, Meghan R Art
Vazquez, Vanity DOMUS
Rios Alarcon, Yuly D ESL
Cruz, Laura R ESL
Koummal, Anes ESL / Physical Education
Gawande, Priya D Math
Joannou, Thomas S Math 180
Lin, Xiaoyi Math
Langworth, Charles G Math Coach
Gibson, Amy B Music
Rizzi, Brian D Music
Mitchell, Devin R Music/Strings
Chymbor, Susan C Physical Education
Strazza, Anthony Physical Education
Thompson, Philip D Physical Education
Bragg, Sheila Read 180
Cardoso, Alison M Read 180
French, Susanne L Reading
Zezima, Kathleen A Reading
LaVersa, Vincent J Literacy Coach
Macura, Heather N Resorative Coach
Zalewska Lukasiak, Edyta School Nurse
Gilbert, Caitlin M School Psychologist
Repetto, Alyssa R. School Psychologist
Hagopian, Olivia L Social Studies
McKenzie, Demetria T Social Worker
Fonte-Cedeno, Lizette Spanish
Rios De Charles, Marcela R Spanish
Rivera, Amarillys Spanish
Thompson, Brittany Spanish
Mase, Laura M Speech Pathologist
Stewart, Kristen L. Speech Pathologist
Schiels, Daniel K TEAM Head Teacher
Lopriore, Jessica A Core - Special Education
Atkinson, Tracy SPED Para Educator  
Bryan, Kimberly SPED Para Educator  
Elazrak, Karima SPED Para Educator  
Hefnawy, Nora SPED Para Educator  
Hernandez, Alicia SPED Para Educator  
Holley, Vanessa SPED Para Educator  
Keenan, Beth E SPED Para Educator  
Lopez, Mery SPED Para Educator  
Lucherini, Amanda SPED Para Educator  
Mills, Jordan SPED Para Educator  
Morales, Elizabeth SPED Para Educator  
Nelson, Jean SPED Para Educator  
Ostaszewski, Judy SPED Para Educator  
Poltrack, Lisa SPED Para Educator  
Robotti, Molly SPED Para Educator  
Spantidos, Stella SPED Para Educator  
Stanton, Elizabeth SPED Para Educator  
Steele, Stantiago SPED Para Educator  
Velez, Alexandra SPED Para Educator  
Woods, Barry SPED Para Educator  
Birch, Tina Security  
Miranda, Nate Security