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Rippowam Middle School Facilities Projects

(Updated February 2024)

Project in Process:

Anticipated Start Date

Impact of Project

Additional security cameras Spring 2024 Prioritizing the safety and well-being of our students, staff and facilities, four new security cameras (2 interior/2 exterior) are being added.
Electronic door control for exterior doors* Summer 2024 Piroritizing the safety and well-being of our students, staff and facilities, keyless entry solutions are being added to all school facilities as part of our district-wide adoption of integrated security systems.
OT/PT and Apples assessment Room Summer2023/Fall2023 Convert/retrofit dental clinic and classroom 127 to serve dental clinic, OT/PT, and Apples Assessment team
Auditorium rigging repairs* Fall/Winter 2023 Repair auditorium rigging
Window air-conditioning Fall 2023 Work is related to improved air quality and circulation (AC/Heat/Circulation system)

Completed Projects:

major summer cleaning Summer 2023 Over the summer all school buildings underwent their major summer cleaning (deep clean of all major educational spaces - furniture and fixtures are removed from all classrooms, the floors/walls are deep cleaned and then the roos are restaged).
Floor stripped and waxed Summer 2023 Stripping and refinishing is the process of removing old layers of wax and dirt, restoring the floors to a like-new appearance and protecting it from future damage.
Room 93 Renovation Summer 2023 Convert underutilzied space into special education classrooms

Grounds Related Projects:

Athletic Fields Ongoing School grounds were added to the district-wide organic lawn maintenance program which includes regular aeration and fertilization.
Containers Summer 2023/Fall 2023 Trailers are being removed or replaced with newer equipment owned by SPS. Trailers are used for on-site storage of furniture and equipment.
Playgrounds Ongoing All mulched playgrounds are weeded every two weeks.
*Denotes a Capital Project managed by the City