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About Our School

Rippowam Middle School

381 High Ridge Road, Stamford, CT 06905
Phone: (203) 977-5255
Fax: (203) 977-5154

Kristina Colmenares, Principal
Robert Smith-Biko, Assistant Principal
Charles Langworth, Assistant Principal

Rippowam is a learning organization that implements forward thinking initiatives that are data driven and grounded in current research.   We promote student learning through multiple means of engagement, representation of information and student expression of their knowledge.

We believe that all students should be afforded a rich and rigorous learning experience by providing the honors curriculum to all students through heterogeneously grouped classes.

As a school centered on Restorative Practices, we believe that education is a journey that adults and students embark on together.  This mindset encourages staff and students to learn together, work collaboratively  to overcome challenges and consider multiple perspectives when solving problems.  We aim to offer all students blended learning environments that utilize technology and flexible spaces to enhance teaching and learning.

At Rippowam, staff engage in continuous professional learning centered on compassionate practices that cultivate positive relationships, empathy and school connectedness.