Rippowam Middle School

International Baccalaureate

Basketball season is under way. Games begin between 3:15-3:30. The following is the schedule for boys and girls games:
1-27-15 @ TOR
1-29-15 @ DOLAN
2-2-15 @ SCOFIELD
​2-3-15 Home game VS. TRAILBLAZERS
1-27-15 Home game VS. TOR
1-29-15 Home game VS. DOLAN
2-2-15 Home game VS. SCOFIELD
Information on POST SEASON:

February 5th – Top 4 teams will play semi-final games. Teams 5 and 6 will have a consolation game. Location will be determined by higher seed. (Snow date: 2/9)


February 10th- Finals

                Locations: Trailblazers will host the Girls Team Final

                                     Rippowam will host the Boys Team Final



​Game times 3:15-4:30

​Parents and Family are welcome to come watch.

Students can only stay IF they:

  1. Have a signed basketball game pass.
  2. 50 game passes will be handed out (first come, first serve) by the gym teachers the DAY BEFORE each game.
  3. Students can only stay with a signed pass from a parent.
  4. A new pass will be needed for each game.
  5. Late buses ARE NOT available.
  6. Walkers and parent pick up only!


Coach: Dean Lucente